Conference / Seminar

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National Conference on Science & Technology for Human Development 20 March, 2015 21,March, 2015 AIHC,GKV and ISCA,Haridwar Chapter.
Special Session on “Cloud Computing” in International Conference “INDIACom-2015″ 11 March, 2015 13 March, 2015 Department of Computer Sc. & Engineering,F.E.T and BVICAM,Delhi
National Seminar on Yogic Management and Life Style Disorders. 30 March, 2015 31 March, 2015 Department of Human Conciousness &Yogic Science Faculty of Medical Science & Health GuruKul Kangri University , Haridwar
Ved Deptt. in collaboration with MSRVV Pratisthan Ujjain to organise 03 day All India Vedic Seminar from 13 to 15 March2015. 13 March, 2015 15 March, 2015 Department of collaboration with MSRVV Pratisthan Ujjain
2nd SERB School in Avian Biology (8-21,March,2015) 8 March,2015 21 March,2015 Department of Zoology & Environmental Science
Workshop on Isolation & Characterization of Fungi by Department of Botany and Microbiology. 08 November,2014 Department of Botany and Microbiology

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